Lamar Joinery

With a profound experience in diverse joinery projects, Lamarís joinery has gained a reputation for reliability and superior craftsmanship, providing exceptional custom-made joinery solutions for the retail and corporate sectors as well as for private and public interiors.

Lamarís Joinery has a highly skilled team and is considered one of the largest operations in Saudi Arabia with factory area of over 23,000 square meters and a 10,000 square meter manufacturing facility, equipped with the latest technology CNC, NC and Wood cutting machines.

Our factory produces custom-made furniture and fixtures such as counters, cabinets, wall paneling, doors, ceilings, and custom designed solutions; all of the highest quality, ensuring that all clients are consistently delivered superior quality on-time, against set deadlines.

Todayís environmentally conscious customer can be assured in our awareness of environmental responsibilities, particularly in the management of scarce natural resources.